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Mini 4cm tin of Crazy Aaron Aura glow-in-the-dark thinking putty, perfect for smaller hands or for when you are on the go!  Part of the glow in the dark collection this putty glows purple in the dark. Charged by daylight (or try the Glow Charger®), these putties appear white in the day light and glow bright at night. The brighter the light the longer your glow will last!


It's loved by children and adults alike; it can be used as a toy, a stress ball or therapy putty. It will never dry out, has no odour and leaves no greasy feel on hands. It is non-toxic, EN71 compliant and safe for children three years and older. All made in the USA by exceptional individuals with physical and intellectual disabilities. A great gift idea for creative minds.



4cm tin containing approx 13g of putty

not suitable for children under age 3yrs

Mini Aura Crazy Aaron thinking putty

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